Nedamco Africa announces landmark partnership to propel digital climate solutions and environmental rehabilitation, aligned with Ethiopia’s green legacy initiative

NEDAMCO AFRICA ANNOUNCES LANDMARK PARTNERSHIP TO PROPEL DIGITAL CLIMATE SOLUTIONS AND ENVIRONMENTAL REHABILITATION, ALIGNED WITH ETHIOPIA’S GREEN LEGACY INITIATIVE JULY 19, 2023 | NEDAMCO PRESS CENTER“In a press statement released today, Nedamco Africa affirmed its commitment to drive forward digital climate solutions through strategic partnerships and sustained collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Skills […]

Driving Positive Change Across Africa With Nedamco Africa

DRIVING POSITIVE CHANGE ACROSS AFRICA WITH NEDAMCO AFRICA In an interview with The Emirates Times, Michael Kögeler, the CEO of Nedamco Africa, discussed the company’s objectives in the African market in regards to climate tech. Kögeler explained that Nedamco Africa aims to promote sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in the continent through their innovative technologies. He […]