“In a press statement released today, Nedamco Africa affirmed its commitment to drive forward digital climate solutions through strategic partnerships and sustained collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Skills by announcing a unique and innovative partnership with the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI). This collaboration extends to encompass the partners of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute, which include the Association for Development and Biodiversity Conservation (ADBC), the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), and Gadaa Bank. Together, this powerful alliance will spearhead an environmental rehabilitation program designed to align with the objectives of Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative.”


Addis Ababa, July 19, 2023 – Today, in alliance with the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) and its distinguished partners, Nedamco Africa pledged to meticulously cultivate and manage a minimum of 10 hectares of land until the culmination of 2026. The commitment extends to allocate essential resources to foster the transformation of the tract of land under its stewardship, specifically located in the Kilolee-Balbalaa Lake region (Ada’a District, Oromia Region, Bushoftu areas). With this initiative, Nedamco targets to transform the allocated land into a thriving eco-system, fostering environmental diversity, bolstering eco-tourism, and generating sustainable sources of livelihood for the local communities. This holistic approach to land management embodies Nedamco’s dedication to creating sustainable futures through impactful environmental stewardship.

Nedamco Africa’s partnership with EDI and its affiliates underscores the company’s commitment to the promotion of sustainable environmental practices and the creation of end-to-end digital climate solutions. This collaboration serves as a testament to Nedamco Africa’s dedication to investing in the future of our planet, one project at a time”, stated Zweder Wurfbain, co-founder of Nedamco Africa.

As an integral facet of its strategic partnership, the company commits to facilitating the planting of 5,000 seedlings for 2023 as a start. This effort forms the cornerstone of an ambitious plan designed to escalate progressively over the subsequent three years, pursuing to realize full-scale coverage of the earmarked 10 hectares of land. This vision demonstrates Nedamco’s unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable growth.

Zweder Wurfbain continued, “Nedamco Africa would like to express its profound gratitude to the Ministry of Labor and the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI). We are sincerely appreciative of the opportunity granted to us to contribute to this extraordinary national and global endeavor. Together, we stand united against climate change, dedicated to making tangible strides towards sustainable environmental reform.”

Nedamco Africa is currently engaged in a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Skills, substantiated by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaborative endeavor focuses on several critical areas that resonate with the Ministry’s mission and Ethiopia’s broader labor landscape:

  • The provision and management of training facilities designed to develop and certify IT professionals, enabling them to compete effectively in both the domestic and international markets.
  • The facilitation of knowledge transfer between private and public sectors, leveraging efficient Train-the-Trainer models embedded in public educational institutions.
  • The creation of a substantial number of high-wage job opportunities in the tech industry, specifically emphasizing the domain of cloud technologies.

This MOU underscores Nedamco Africa’s commitment to advancing professional growth, fostering knowledge exchange across sectors, and creating high-quality employment prospects within Ethiopia’s rapidly evolving technology sector.

To date, Nedamco Africa has successfully recruited, educated, and certified 109 Ethiopian IT professionals in cutting-edge cloud technologies and Digital Twins. The objective behind this rigorous training program is to prepare these professionals to excel in the ‘jobs of tomorrow,’ thereby establishing Ethiopia as a globally competitive hub for unparalleled cloud expertise. Nedamco remains optimistic about the prospect of these highly skilled individuals contributing significantly to the global technological landscape.

Nedamco Africa is an organization deeply invested in, and resolutely committed to, catalyzing positive change across Africa and the wider global environment. The company acknowledges the pivotal role that proficient biomass management plays in preserving the continent’s sustainability, and persistently seeks innovative solutions to the unique challenges that besiege Africa’s biomass. Underpinning Nedamco Africa’s investment strategy is a preference for impactful outcomes over financial gains. This underscores a commitment to environmentally sound solutions that cultivate both communal and ecological prosperity across Africa. Investments are carefully directed towards avant-garde technologies – cloud skills, digital twins, and eco-friendly solutions – to stimulate enduring positive change. Ultimately, Nedamco Africa aspires to spearhead impact investments that contribute significantly to the creation of a better, more sustainable world for all.

Zweder Wurfbain, co-founder of Nedamco Africa, said, “With a complete commitment to Africa and the planet, Nedamco Africa is at the forefront of impact investments that prioritize sustainability and positive impact. Our emphasis on innovative technologies and measurement of the impact of our investments is driving positive change and creating a better future for Africa and the world.”

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