Nedamco Africa Welcomes Wilfred Noorman as Senior Program Manager to Drive Project Execution Excellence

Nedamco Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of Wilfred Noorman as Senior Program Manager. 

With over 20 years of experience in project and program management in the IT industry, Wilfred brings a strong track record of delivering projects within budget and on schedule. As Senior Program Manager, Wilfred will be responsible for managing the fast growing Nedamco Africa Project portfolio and ensuring their successful completion. His expertise in project and program management, risk mitigation, and stakeholder management will be instrumental in driving project execution excellence, delivering value, and exceeding customer expectations at Nedamco Africa.

Prior to joining Nedamco Africa, he managed various large scale IT infrastructure and software development programs various organizations both Governmental and Commercial customers.

“We are thrilled to welcome Wilfred Noorman to our team as Senior Program Manager,” said Michael Kögeler, CEO of Nedamco Africa. “His extensive experience in project and program management will be invaluable in driving our mission to create a sustainable future for Africa and the world by offering exceptional climate technology solutions that have a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and economies.”

“I am excited to join Nedamco Africa and work with a team of dedicated professionals to make a significant contribution to the planet and its climate,” said Wilfred. “Nedamco Africa’s commitment to creating positive environmental and societal impacts aligns with my core values, and I look forward to contributing to the company’s growth and success.”

Nedamco Africa is committed to delivering comprehensive, data-driven, and innovative solutions that consider Africa’s unique vulnerabilities while promoting sustainable development and resilience across the continent. The company offers a complete Climate Tech as a Service (CTaaS) solution that integrates entire ecosystems into one cohesive package, covering crucial areas such as water, waste, electricity, forestry, and farming.

“Joining Nedamco Africa allows me to work towards my passion for creating a better world by driving sustainable technology solutions,” added Wilfred. “I am excited to bring my expertise to the table and collaborate with the team to deliver impactful projects that make a difference for Africa and the world.”

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