Nedamco Africa spotlighted on the Microsoft EFPI website


Nedamco Africa is proud to announce that we have been spotlighted on the Microsoft EFPI (Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact) website. EFPI is an initiative by Microsoft aimed at supporting entrepreneurs who use technology to drive positive societal and environmental impact, fostering collaboration and innovation to address global challenges.

What do they do?

Nedamco Africa is a Dutch climate-technology impact investor. Nedamco Africa contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by facilitating financing for climate action, by issuing Green Bonds. The interest and principal of the Green Bonds are paid from the net proceeds of the sale of long-term off-take agreements for environmental credits (e.g. water replenishment credits, carbon credits).

Nedamco Africa is dedicated to empowering Africa’s sustainable future by leveraging innovative technologies to address critical environmental challenges such as water scarcity, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture.

The company utilizes advanced tools like AI, cloud computing, and digital data to design impactful water management platforms, optimize resource utilization, and ensure access to clean water for communities across the continent. Nedamco Africa’s comprehensive approach integrates public-private collaboration, local skilling, and the mobilization of global resources to create economically viable and sustainable solutions.

How has Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact helped them?

“The support of Microsoft Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact has been fundamental to the success of Nedamco Africa to use AI for Good to support 12 out of the 17 UN Sustainability Goals.”

Since joining the program, Microsoft Entrepreneurship Positive Impact has significantly supported Nedamco Africa through strategic alliances and initiatives, resulting in several key achievements. These include being featured on the United Nations website for the SDG6 Digital Water Management Initiative and on COP28’s website as a UN Climate Innovator.

The partnership has also facilitated the approval of the Nedamco Africa Academy, which equips communities with skills to sustain and expand climate technology solutions, leading to subsidized Microsoft licenses and laptops, and established EY as a strategic partner, offering the EY Green Skills Passport to trainees. Additionally, Microsoft’s backing enabled Nedamco to launch innovative water management projects in Ethiopia and gain support for government contracts in Ethiopia and Rwanda. As an early access customer of Microsoft’s Environmental Credit Services and with senior executives aiding in financial mobilization through Nasdaq Dubai, Nedamco Africa has advanced its climate initiatives.

What have they been up to recently?

Nedamco Africa has recently launched the Catchment-City-Waste (CCW) project in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. This initiative, endorsed by the Ethiopian and Dutch governments, aims to enhance sustainable water management. The project focuses on creating smarter water distribution systems, reducing water losses, and attracting private investment. By utilizing advanced digital technologies and innovative financing models, the CCW project aligns with the UN23 Water Action Agenda and aims to significantly improve water quality, access, and availability for the residents of Dire Dawa. Read more here and watch the video of the launch below!


Dire Dawa Ethiopia Launch event

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