Nedamco Africa Joins the 'Innovate for Climate Tech' Coalition at COP28

November 9 2023 | NEDAMCO PRESS CENTER

In a significant stride toward environmental innovation, Nedamco Africa has been selected as a key participant in the ‘Innovate for Climate Tech’ initiative at the upcoming COP28. This groundbreaking coalition is set to pioneer advancements in climate technology with a special emphasis on empowering the Global South.

The ‘Innovate for Climate Tech’ coalition, launched by COP28, is a testament to global collaboration and sustainability. Anchored by industry giants and innovation hubs like Masdar City, Tencent, and the Catalyst, the coalition’s goal is to foster climate tech ecosystems, scale solutions worldwide, democratize access to knowledge, and inspire new climate tech advancements.

Nedamco Africa is proud to stand among influential organizations such as the African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, McKinsey Sustainability, and the Solar Impulse Foundation. Our involvement represents our unwavering commitment to sustainable development and technological empowerment in the African continent.

We are poised to contribute our expertise and collaborate on a multitude of online and offline initiatives designed to accelerate the adoption of climate tech solutions. This partnership will further expand our network and enhance our capabilities to innovate for a sustainable future.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this journey at COP28 and work alongside our global partners to drive impactful change.

For more information on our participation and the ‘Innovate for Climate Tech’ coalition, please visit [COP28 Innovate for Climate Tech](

Join us in this venture as we innovate for a greener tomorrow.

About Nedamco Africa

 Nedamco Africa is a foremost provider of climate technology solutions that empower businesses, governments, and communities to construct a more sustainable future. The company’s CTaaS solution amalgamates entire ecosystems into a single integrated package, addressing key sectors such as water, waste, electricity, forestry, and farming. Nedamco Africa is devoted to providing comprehensive, data-informed, and innovative solutions that take into account Africa’s distinct challenges while fostering sustainable development and resilience across the continent.


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